Nutrition Month 2016: Take a 100 Meal Journey

Nutrition Month

Have you heard that March is Nutrition Month?? I know I’m a little bit late to the ball game but the past few weeks have been crazy in the Fudge-Antosh household. Plus, a separated shoulder is a great excuse to procrastinate.

Back to my favorite month of the year…

Every year in March, Dietitians of Canada organizes Nutrition Month with a goal of providing information and guidance to make it easier to choose, eat and enjoy healthy food. This years campaign is “Take a 100 Meal Journey: Small Changes, One Meal at a Time.” We consume nearly 100 meals every month and making small changes supported by real life strategies can make those changes last.

Each week is centered around tips, strategies, or ideas to support making small, positive changes:

Week 1 – Get Ready!
The first week is all about joining the 100 meal journey by taking the pledge. I took a pledge to drink water at all of my meals. This is something that I really struggle with. The only time I find myself “craving” water is during physical activity, but at most other times of the day I gravitate towards tea, lattes, or diet carbonated beverages. I plan to use fresh herbs and fruit to help flavor the water and encourage me to drink more!

*Check out the tip sheet

Week 2 – Quality Counts!
This week focuses on making food decisions that support individuals’ goals, such as cooking more meals at home, choosing nutrient-rich foods and substituting ingredients.

*Check out the tip sheet

Week 3 – Prioritize Portion Size!
This week, they provide strategies for individuals to be aware of selecting realistic portion sizes during their 100 Meal Journey.

*Check out the tip sheet

Week 4 – Try Something New!
Because taste is the number one reason for food choice, this week focuses on nourishing meal and snack ideas that are delicious!

*Check out the tip sheet

Week 5 – Make it Stick!
Every journey encounters detours along the way. This week’s tips will equip people with doable strategies to put in place during their 100 Meal Journey and make healthy eating stick!

*Check out the tip sheet

The Dietitians of Canada have also put together two recipes for the campaign that look delish and I am really excited to try. Click on the links to get the recipes!

Garden Veggie Buddha Bowl

Spice Roasted Peach and Yogurt Parfaits

Make sure to comment below if you make the pledge and share what your goal is 🙂

Check out the Dietitians of Canada website for more information.


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