Gold Forest Grains – Homemade Bread



March was Nutrition Month and in true dietitian style we had a potluck on Dietitian Day to celebrate. One of my coworkers made mini muffins using Gold Forest Grains flour – a local processor of farm-milled organic flour and whole grain products. I have been meaning to try out their flour for a long time now, but trying those delicious muffins put a fire under me. After a day at the Old Strathcona Market I stopped by the Gold Forest Grains stall and picked up some Park Wheat Flour. “This is organic whole grain flour milled fresh daily from a antique variety of wheat called Park. This is the freshest baking quality flour available anywhere…guaranteed. Made from a heritage variety of Hard Red Spring Wheat. The protein for this wheat is perfect for bread and general baking.” I went to their blog to find a recipe for bread and I decided on the “Gold Forest Bread” recipe, mostly because it had a shorter cooking time and I REALLY wanted to eat bread. Stat. I have made this bread twice and my mom has made it once and it was delicious every time. I kept my bread in a ziploc bag and it stayed fresh for almost a week! You need to try this recipe and you need to try Gold Forest Grains flour.

– 1.5 cup milk
– 2 tsp yeast
– 2 Tbsp honey
– 4 cups park wheat flour
– 2 tsp salt
– 0.25 cup oil


1. Heat milk in a sauce pan until it reaches 100 degrees. Remove from heat.
2. Add yeast and honey to milk and stir until well mixed. Set aside for 10-15 minutes or until it begins to bubble and foam.
3. In a mixer using the bread hook, add flour and yeast mixture and mix on low.
4. Add oil and salt and allow to mix for 10 minutes. While the bread is mixing, grease a loaf pan.
5. Once the dough is kneaded it will be elastic feeling and moist to the touch. Shape it to the bread pan and place pan in a warm spot with a light towel over top.
6. Let dough rise for about an hour.
7. After risen, put in an oven at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes.